Let’s talk about working with Dolores

I am enthusiastic to share the knowledge I have gleaned throughout my career of performing administrative and executive functions, keeping professionals organized, and offer YOU a personal and customized service to match and fulfill any and all of your organizational needs.

Over 20 years experience as a skilled and dedicated executive assistant

•Experience With...

•High-Profile Attorneys

•Bank Presidents


•Members of Board of Directors

•FDIC and Florida Office of Financial Responsibility

•IRS (Offers in Compromise Dept.)

•FBI Stenographer to Special Agents in Charge (SACs)


"Strict confidentiality with sensitive information, financial documents, client records, and personal matters is scrupulously adhered to."

-Dolores DiLisio

Mission and Motto - "Learn to dance in the space you have and find joy in the process of clearing space for future happiness."

Let me help you with:




•Home Office

•Business Documents/Family Documents/Paperwork

•Eliminate Clutter

•Auctions/Garage/Yard Sales

& Much more!


•An established business program/a start-up business strategy

•Document management systems

• Managing schedules/appointments

• Research, writing, editing and proofreading projects

•Estate sales and auctions

•Inventory of collectibles, memorabilia, crafts, et cetera

•Move-in/Move-out services


•Personal Projects

•Senior Transitioning

•Seniors maintenance of medical history records, insurance forms, etc.

Liaison With

•All Business Professionals


•Service Providers


•Property Management



•Event Planning

•Concierge Services

•Interior Design

•Seasonal Property Management

Why choose me over someone else?

I will give you my utmost personal and customized attention affording you:

Free up time

•To free up time to do the things you really want to do

•To be more effecient in your business or your home-life

•To lessen the stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed

•To reap the many healthy benefits that come along with being organized


•Stone Business College, New Haven, CT – Associates Degree (graduated top of class)

•Excellent written communication skills, including professional etiquette, grammar and style

•Background as Executive Assistant supporting a “C” level executive

•Experience in professional service environments including legal, finance, real estate, insurance

•Experience in transcribing minutes of Board, Committee, and Special Meetings, under auspices of the FDIC and OFR

Working for/with you

•What are YOUR short and long-term goals I would need to focus on in this project?

•What organizational issues do you have that I should be made aware of?

•What is your time frame to accomplish these goals?

Health Benefits

•Organization of your external environment leads to clarity, efficiency, and less energy consumption on all levels of your being -- physical, mental, and emotional.

•There are definite physical and mental effects of disorganization. Many clients admit a renewed feeling of lightheartedness and freedom after peeling away external layers of obstructions.

•Organization boosts health and vitality.

•An organized personal and business lifestyle allows you to realize what is truly important to you thus affording you the time and the opportunity to focus on the bigger picture.

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A free personal consultation is available to you.

Each one of my clients has varied professional needs and deserves this time to discuss his or her own circumstances, issues, or even hindrances openly and most importantly, in a judgment-free zone.  For this reason, a FLEXIBLE, CUSTOMIZED, and ACCOMMODATING fee schedule will be discussed and arranged upon our meeting.   

Highly Rated in Palm Beach County

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